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Brooklyn Rose – Interracial

The shit nearly hits the fan when Brooklyn Rose’s father gets THE phone call of all phone calls. A nosy
neighbor has called Mr.Rose informing him that his daughter has been seen
associating with a black guy. Isiah and Brooklyn are headed back to her place
where they think they’ll have complete privacy. Wrong. Mr.Rose walks in on
his daughter sucking Isiah’s big black cock in their kitchen. You see, ever
since he caught her sister with a black guy he is been addicted to interracial
porn. Mr.Rose turns into Mr.Creepy by having a front row seat to his adult
daughter getting down and dirty with black cock. Isiah’s meaty member
slithers its way into her pussy as her daddy watches. In fact, he yanks his cock out and goes to town like it’s going out of style. and the old fuck cheers her on. Wow! There is not much more to say except this: We’ve taken
interracial porn up to the next level.
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