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Elsa Jean has expensive taste, but this horny blonde knows she has a hot body that her fuckin stepbrother Tony craves. She uses that to her advantage as she asks Tony for the money to buy some shoes. Tony suggests that Elsa might give
him a BJ in exchange, but she talks him down to a handie. When she is done
stroking Tony off, she gleefully takes his credit card and goes off to shop.Shoes aren’t enough to satisfy Elsa’s lust for shopping for long. she returns to Tony to beg for more cash, this time to buy an expensive purse. When Tony points out that Elsa’s newest desire is going to require way more
than just a handjob, she agrees to fuck him if it gets her what she wants. Pulling up her miniskirt, she flashes her big fuckin ass and then bends over
so Tony can bang her from behind. That appetizer on the couch leaves them
both horny for more as they relocate to the bedroom.Elsa makes sure that Tony
is nice and hard by sucking him down like a Hoover, then hopping on his fuck stick to ride him with her tight little pussy. Switching to reverse cowgirl,
she lets him admire that ass again. He clearly likes the bootay because he
urges Elsa onto her hands and knees so he can give her a doggy style pussy
fuckin pounding. Rolling onto her back, Elsa spreads her thighs and lets Tony
go to town until he is on the verge of cumming. When he has pulled out and blown his fuckin load all over his slutty stepsis, Tony once again gives her his credit card for a job well done.
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