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Kali Roses & Lauren Phillips – Interracial

Lauren and Louie have decided to move in together and Laurens step-daughter Kali is not happy about it. She does not need a new dad, she has one! (Even though no one has seen him in years, but I digress) What Kali needs is a daddy. Someone who knows how she needs to be
loved. Someone with 10 inches of big, black, veiny love for her. She needs a dark sack of love to bob in her mouth. When Louie goes in to Kalis room to reassure her that hes not trying to fill her dads shoes, she fills Louie in on what her needs actually are. Before he can say no, shes pulling his huge
dick out and shoving it down her petite throat. By the time mom gets around to checking in on the conversation, Louies dick is buried deep in Kalis tight fuckin pussy. Lauren has always believed that sharing is caring and that if this goes well, Kali will be fine with moms boyfriend moving in. So she dives in with some playful competition each one seeing how much dick they can make disappear. for Laurens final act, she shows off her anal abilities, leaving
Kali marveling at mom and Louie blowing his load into her big, fat ass. KalI greedily sucks the cum out and Lauren carefully tongue cleans the cum out of Kalis mouth. Its proof that the best kinds of bonds happen around BBC.
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