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Karina Lynne – Interracial

Karina Lynn’s father is at his wit’s end with her and it’s about to get worse…much worse. Karina’s dad seeks comfort in his friend’s son Jovan Jordan. Jovan is Karina’s age and her father trusts him to keep her on a path clear of “evil” things like
interracial porn. Jovan agrees and both of them are soon left alone, this is where her father fucks up for the second time. Jovan and Karina lock lips and she is soon sucking on her very first black cock. The girl with daddy issues ignores her dad’s request to just talk to Jovan and things get turned up a notch. Karina’s never been with a black guy, and as you can see, she is not wasting another minute with obeying her father’s wishes. Jovan quickly
forgets the initial purpose of this meeting and he soon finds himself deep in tight white pussy. Karina’s dad has suspicions that they’re up to no good and he is right: Jovan’s plowing that pussy at the risk of alienating her dad. to add insult to injury, Jovan blows his load inside that fertile pussy right
before her father walks back into this living room of interracial lust. If
you think he is mad now just wait until he is shopping with his daughter for a baby crib in a few months.
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