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I don’t care if you call her Lilly Ford or Lily Lit, this petite, blonde package is one naughty girl! Example? Her favorite fantasy is a gang bang,
delivered one of two ways: either by force or seduction! Since the former
might be too much, Lily can make the latter happen! So she invites some pals over for a pool party! She also just bought two of the skimpiest, hottest
bikinis she could find! They’re so skimpy, she is not even sure if they’re
allowed in public pools! But she knew they’d make all five of her friends dicks bust out of their pants! And once that happened, Lily took them all in her mouth before the fellahs created their “doggy line”! Just look! Lily’s pink, eager pussy up in the air, doggy-style, as all five ran their over-sized dick train, slamming her pink hole. You can even see her pussy
squirt with female ejaculate!! They then all took turns with their favorite
positions before a couple dudes busted right in her pussy! One dude sprayed
his fuckin load all over her bubble butt! Her tits and face got hosed down,
too! Lily’s one jizzed-up mess at the end of this, her favorite
fantasy…being fulfilled right in her living room!
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