Melissa Lynn :Hot babes fuckin and suckin

Melissa and her friends (cough, cough Jasmine Jae!) have a little wager going on: how
many guys can they fuck in a week? As any married man knows but pretends not to, if his wife is going out of town without him, she is going away to get
fucked by someone else. And that’s exactly what’s happening here! Melissa is taking full advantage of her weekend away from home and lucky for her, on the first morning of her vacation she spies four hot young dudes lounging
poolside and ready to fuck her tight milfy holes. Melissa does not hesitate in asking them to her room. In fact, she asks within moments of meeting them!! She is racking up numbers pretty quickly as she takes down each and every guy. She is so hot she even gets one of them to pop twice!! Enjoy her creampies and facials. Even if she does not end up with the most guys fucked in a week,
she is clearly walking away as a winner.
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