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Blake and her friend Gracie Green are having a bra and panties pillow fight
when their fun is interrupted so Alex’s stepbrother Logan Long can study in peace. The girls steal Logan’s study materials and then double team him with pillows in a way that knocks him out cold. The girls take
increasingly-naughty selfies with Logan until he comes to and finds Gracie
stroking his cock. He invites her to start licking and sucking. Before long,
Alex is enticed to join in on the fun.The girls start with a double blowjob,
but Gracie wants more. She hops on Logan’s dick as he continues to lay there,
riding him while Alex lays beside her masturbating to the sight of her best
friend fucking her fuckin stepbrother. Once again Logan invites Alex to join in, and eventually she agrees to peel off her bra and take her own stiffie
ride with her fuckin stepbrother’s cock buried in her landing strip
snatch.After the trio narrowly avoids getting caught, they hold nothing back
in their hardcore threesome. Gracie scoots to the edge of the bed so Logan can bang her bare twat, then the girls kneel side by side to give their stud
the choice of which fuck hole to pound first. Turning around to put her naughty mouth to work teasing Logan’s dick as he fucks his slutty stepsister,
Grace is eventually rewarded with a pool of jizz to lick up when Logan cums on Alex’s ass.
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