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Elsa Jean and Hannah Hays are having a fun time bopping each other with pillows when their stepbrother Dustin Daring walks in on them. Dustin’s boner is poking out of his shorts when he comes in to see what the girls are up to,
and though they make fun of him they secretly both want to fuck him. Filing
the thought away, the girls resume their pillow fight. When they’re done,
though, Hannah sneaks off to find Justin.She discovers that he is in the shower, so she peels off her miniskirt dress and joins him. Wrapping her small hand around Dustin’s shaft, she starts stroking while Hoovering his cock with her puffy lips. Elsa sees what Hannah is doing, but rather than interrupt she hides behind the door and masturbates at the sizzling sight
before her. When Hannah relocates them to her bedroom so Dustin can pay her back for the BJ by eating out her creamy twat, Elsa decides to join in the fun by sneaking in and giving her fuckin stepbrother a second round of cock
sucking.Eventually Elsa leans over and offers to let Dustin fuck her as he
keeps fingering his other stepsister. Hannah eventually notices, but rather than fight over their stepbrother they decide to have a full-on threesome. The sisters take turns feasting on each other’s fuck holes while Dustin fills the other’s twat with his fuckin dick. When he has finally satisfied both of his slutty stepsisters, he pulls out to blow his fuckin load all over Elsa’s flat belly.
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