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Lee lives in Paris with her rich husband, but she is originally from Vietnam. Hubby and Sharon are visiting the States, because Hubby has a lot of business here. This leaves Sharon all by herself, so Hubby hired a personal guide for Sharon. His job? Show her around. Show her a good time. Take Sharon to the beaches and amusement parks and shopping and anything else Sharon desires. of course Hubby never thought Sharon might desire the guide himself, but there
she is…going over the day’s plans as she rubs his fuckin dick through his pants. Sharon’s never been with a black man before, and she can’t keep her mind off having sex with him! Soon Sharon has The Stud’s over-sized cock in her mouth. It barely fits! Sharon’s actually worried if it’ll fit in her tight, tight fuckin pussy…and if it does, will The Stud stretch her pussy out so
much that Hubby might discover her infidelity later? Sharon can’t help
herself, and after The Stud brings Sharon to orgasm by eating her pussy, he
fucks it hard until it’s time to paint Sharon’s perfect tits with his big,
big load! The Stud’s cum sprays her ample tits down! Now it’s time to go
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