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needs to use the bathroom, but his slutty stepsister Anastasia Knight is already in there working on her makeup. They argue about who gets to use the nicer bathroom, but Tony realizes that Anastasia is really dressed up. He
reminds her that she does not have permission to go out partying and offers to let their parents know if she does not relinquish the bathroom. Anastasia tells him he can stay and watch her do her makeup if he stays quiet, so Tony
whips out his fuckin dick and starts masturbating behind her back. when Anastasia turns around and sees what her fuckin stepbrother is up to, she freaks out.Anastasia accuses Tony of having a small dick, but she is intrigued
by his stroking it. She starts instructing him in his masturbation and can’t
keep from running her hands over her hot little body. Soon she is totally
embraced teasing Tony with her short skirt and hot pink panties. Hopping up
onto the counter, she pulls her underwear down and starts masturbating as she watches Tony do the same. Unable to resist the temptation, Anastasia gets off
the counter and drops to her knees in front of her fuckin stepbro so she can take his fuckin dick in hand to stroke and suck.Fully enamored by Tony’s surprisingly big fuckin dick, Anastasia demands that Tony go into their parents’ room so she can climb aboard and start riding him. Her titties with their tan lines bounce in time to her thrusts, and when she turns around for a reverse cowgirl show Tony gets the chance to admire her small ass. On her back and then her hands and knees, Anastasia enjoys one final climax as Tony
keeps up the pace to satisfy her greedy fuckin twat. Tony tells her to get on
the ground just as he reaches the end of his endurance, giving her a cum
facial that ruins her makeup.
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