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Skylar Green – Interracial

Warning: The following scene is not for the squeamish or those with a heart condition. We find Skylar Green
hand-in-hand with stud. They encounter her dad, Mr. Green, as he is on his way
to the office. The look back he makes is a clear signal that all is not right
in the Green household. Stud and Skylar get back to her place, where they
lock lips….and more. Skylar sucks on stud’s giant as Mr.Green’s snooping
becomes much more evident with each passing minute. Skylar’s old man finally
walks in and, well, things take an interesting turn. Instead of heading to the safety of New York, stud’s given approval to continue fucking the snow
bunny known as Skylar Green. Mr. Green’s grin goes from ear to ear, and the apple of his eye is getting her fill of thug dick. The deviant old man plays coach to Skylar as she continues to get some good,black dickin’. Mr. Green’s an eyewitness to the conception of Skylar’s black baby. The result of all this is complete access to the endless funds of daddy.
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