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Alina Lopez is having a rough time with school, but that’s okay because this hot
chick has a plan to get on to easy street. She is hanging out on the couch
texting with her friends when her mom, Kit Mercer, and her step brother, Rion
King, arrive home. Kit tries to figure out why Alina is not studying. When her stepdaughter is a total bitch, Kit suggests that Rion help Alina out. This plays right into Alina’s plan.As soon as Kit leaves, Alina starts making moves on Rion. He tries to disengage, but his slutty stepsister is hot and he
is inevitably turned on. As soon as Alina notices, she moves on from playing with her own twat and titties to whipping out his fuck stick and sucking him
off. Rion can’t believe that his sexy stepsis is really willing to get it on
with him, so when Alina turns around and waves her ass in an invitation to do
a doggy style pussy fuckin pounding he is quick to take her up on it.They move on to Alina riding Rion’s stiffie while he palms her ass with his big hands. She leans forward so he can play with her titties, then falls onto her back
so he can really dominate her tight little body. When Rion has pulled out to cum on Alina’s boobs, he tries to suggest that they get back to studying. Alina lets him know that he’ll be doing her homework lest she tell her mom
that he is been coming on to her.
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