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Venture is asleep when his slutty stepsister Jasmine Callipygiah demands he
drive her to school. She is already dressed in her uniform and ready to go,
but when Bruce won’t wake up she dumps water on him. Bruce insists that Jasmine take care of his morning wood before he’ll drive her to school. Jasmine eventually agrees, climbing onto the bed and wrapping both hands and her puffy lips around her fuckin stepbrother’s fuck stick.When Jasmine walks away and says she is walking to school, Bruce follows her into the bathroom
and distracts her with his hands on her ass until she drops to her knees to continue her BJ. They relocate to the bed, where Jasmine flips her skirt up
and pulls her thong down so she can slide her tight twat down onto Bruce’s big fuckin dick. Rolling onto her knees, Jasmine waves her ass around in an invitation to her fuckin stepbrother to deliver a proper pussy fuckin pounding from behind. As Jasmine’s passion brings her to climax, she turns onto her back so she can play with her tits while Bruce continues to bang
her. He urges her onto her side to change up the angle, a move that leaves Jasmine moaning with true delight. Back on her belly on the bed, Jasmine
indulges in one last orgasm before Bruce pulls out and covers her ass in a shower of jizz that she’ll have to wash off before she can go to school.
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