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Carolina Sweets borrowed money from a friend to buy a dildo. She is on the phone
explaining to her buddy why she can’t pay the money back when her fuckin stepbro Brad Sterling overhears the conversation. He stops what he is doing
and whips out his fuckin dick to stroke it off as Carolina tells her friend
they can play with the dildo when they have a weekend sleepover, but that she is going to try it out now. As he is fapping, Brad gets the idea to take
pics of Carolina as she sticks the dildo on the mirror and starts going to town on it. When Carolina notices her fuckin stepbrother, she is horrified! Brad offers to show everyone the photos unless Carolina helps him cum. He
also argues that the real thing is better than a toy. She initially agrees to a hand job, but Brad has his slutty stepsis right where he wants her and is not about to settle for anything less than hardcore action. He coaxes her into leaning forward to start sucking his fuckin dick. Then he gets her on
her hands and knees so he can fuck her from behind in full doggy
style.Rolling onto her side, Carolina keeps on letting Brad work her juicy
twat. Then she gets on her back so she can watch him fuck her. her fuckin stepbrother going to town on her bare fuck hole is really pretty hot, leaving
Carolina primed to cum as Brad pushes her over the edge. When he pulls out,
he blows his fuckin load all over Carolina’s stomach. At the end, they agree
that Brad can fuck Carolina whenever she needs to cum since he is, in fact,
better than the dildo.
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