Twisted Games – Sticky Porn-Fuckin :Hot babes fuckin and suckin

Kiara Cole and Emma Starletto are playing a game when Kiara’s stepbrother Jason
comes in and asks to join in. Kiara tells Jason to go away, but he hangs around and ogles their camel toe instead. He finally points it out and claims it’s making him hard. Emma is into it, and Kiara may protest but so is she. When Jason whips out his fuckin dick to prove that it’s not small, the girls try their best to ignore him. Jason won’t be ignored. HE starts finger
banging his slutty stepsis to try to distract her and make her lose the game.Eventually, Emma tells Kiara that she does not know how Kiara is hanging
on because she’d cum in a heartbeat. Jason tells Emma to bring her pussy over
to him and she abandons the game to do just that. The girls argue as Emma confesses she wants to suck Jason’s dick. When Emma carries through with it,
Kiara lets herself get drawn into a stepbrother BJ. Kiara swears she is grossed out, especially when Emma pulls down her shorts and hops onto Jason’s fuck stick for a stiffie ride. She maintains that line right up until she decides she wants to have the same amount of fun that her friend is having. Now that the pretense is gone, the girls share Jason as they take turns riding his cock and feasting on each other’s cream filled fuck holes. when they’re both sated, they get back on their knees and resume sucking until
their double BJ is rewarded by a facial from Jason.
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