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Blake and Whitney Wright have gone to their friend Kiara Cole’s house to get
ready for a golf open tournament. The girls go to Kiara’s bedroom to change. There, Whitney and Alex go about flashing their tits and twats as they dress as slutty as they can. Kiara is alarmed, commenting on her friends’ outfits being inappropriate. As they all watch, Kiara’s brother Alex Legend pervs on
them from the doorway. Kiara eventually notices her brother, who wants to know if the trio is ready to go. She lets Alex know there’s no way he is hanging out with them, then steps away to use the bathroom. Whitney and Alex
like what they see when they take in Kiara’s hot bro, so they go to work
kissing him and flashing their tits at him. Whitney escalates things further By dropping to her knees and deep throating the big fuckin dick she finds before
her. Alex soon joins her.Hopping onto the bed on her hands and knees, Whitney
pulls her underwear aside so Kiara’s brother can fuck her while Alex watches and masturbates. When Kiara loses her shit, Alex and Whitney announce that they like her brother better than they like her! Then Whitney draws Alex into the mix, giving up her prime position to let her girlfriend enjoy some cock
while she simultaneously feasts on Whitney’s cream filled fuck hole. They
take turns enjoying Alex’s big fuckin dick, then work together to finish him
off so they can enjoy the salty delight of his cream. They decide to stay in and fuck rather than going to the golf open.
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