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when Elsa Jean realizes that her fuckin stepbrother Van Wylde gets Valentines and she gets none, she takes his cards and rips them up. Van laughs and grabs the chocolates Elsa didn’t even realize he had. Then he returns to offer his slutty stepsister a taste of candy on the condition that she close her eyes before picking one out with her mouth. Elsa does not know that Van has cut a hole in the box and put his fuckin dick inside until she puts her lips around the head of his cock!Once Elsa gets a taste of Van’s dick, she agrees to stroke and suck. Realizing that he is right that he is a grower, she hikes up
her miniskirt and pulls her panties aside so he can slide it into her bare
fuck hole. She loves the way he feels buried in her tight twat, so she gets on her hands and knees for a doggy style pussy fuckin pounding.Totally
committed to getting herself off as a Valentine’s Day treat, Elsa climbs into Van’s lap with her back to his chest. Her small tits jiggle as she gives him
a stiffie ride in her bald fuckin pussy. When she reaches down to rub her clit, she explodes in Van’s arms. Scooting back enough that her fuckin stepbrother’s cock pops out of her hot sheathe, Elsa strokes Van off until he
erupts in an explosion of cum.
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