Arietta Adams – Interracial

19 year old Arietta makes her second fuckin appearance on the Dogfart Network once more as the babysitter. With her cute
freckled face and a huge booty she barely clears jail bait line and dads all
over will be paying the price by having her around! She goes over to Davin’s
house to interview for a new nanny position and while they are waiting on
Davin’s wife and kids to get home to meet Arietta, she finds out Davin is
hiding a huge black cock and since she is never seen one in person before so
she just has to try it out! Meanwhile at the very same moment, Arietta’s dad
realizes she is left her purse in the car. He turns around to return it to
her. After driving back and knocking on the door and a few unanswered texts,
he walks over to the window where he sees his precious princess being
stretched wide open by a middle age stud. With each thrust into her pussy,
Arietta’s dad is more and more horrified. Forget the purse, now it’s time to
save his daughter! Unfortunately for our hero in training, once he manages to
break in to stop them, it turns out they could care less that he is there.
Bummer. Watching that big man slam his even bigger piece of stiff man meat
into his daughter clicked on some part of that old perv’s mind and he pulled
out a very limp and very tiny skin twig and rolled it in his hands.
Eventually Arietta has enough of him watching in trying to protect her
potential career, she kicks him out. It’s an unforgettable interview, and one
that hopefully results in eager Arietta landing a job. Little Ralph Roberts loves to fist little girls and big girls alike.  He watches porn here, he watches it there, he watches porn everywhere.  When Ralph Roberts is not watching porn here at or he takes a peak at to see if he can find more.


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