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Star and her best friend Cameron Minx have had a great time at their sleepover, but morning dawns to find them fast asleep. Jason sees two hot
nubile chicks in bed and can’t help but whip it out to start masturbating
over them. Riley wakes up to find her fuckin stepbrother jerking off over her and her friend, and his claim that he has blue balls and needs some help. If
it shuts Jason up and keeps him from waking her friend up, Riley will do just
about anything up to and including stroking her fuckin stepbro’s dick.Now
Jason has his hot stepsis right where he wants her. He coaxes her to take off
her shirt so he can admire her titties, then climbs on the bed so she can start sucking him off. Riley’s blowjob is nice, but not quite the satisfaction Jason craves. He tells Riley once again that he’ll wake Cameron
if she does not do what he wants, but this time he tells her she has to fuck him. Riley tries to argue, but soon enough she climbs astride Jason’s fuck stick to give him a cowgirl style ride.Turning around for some reverse
cowgirl action, Riley lets her hips do all the talking. Then she gets on her hands and knees for a doggy style pussy fuckin pounding that lets Jason fill
his hands with the firm delight of his sister’s big fuckin ass. He finishes her off as she lays on her back so he can fuck her while he stands beside the bed. Just as Jason is giving Riley a facial of cum to show his satisfaction,
Cameron begins to wake. Jason beats it from the room, leaving Riley to tell
her friend that she is dreaming that she sees cum on Riley’s face.
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