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Mason and his slutty stepsister Zoe Parker fight over the milk at the breakfast table. When Kyle splashes it all over Zoe, she peels off her shirt
and tackles him onto the couch. She is wearing just a thong, and Kyle is wearing boxers. In the scuffle, his fuckin dick pops out of his underwear and slips into Zoe’s creamy snatch. She loves the way it feels and rides him like
her personal steed. When he flips her onto her back, she gives in completely
until her whole body is pulsing with bliss. Moments later, Kyle gluts Zoe
with a creampie of cum.The next morning, Zoe gets caught sneaking into the house. The tall coed offers Kyle a blowjob. When he accepts, she slips out of her sheer shirt and goes to work stroking and sucking her fuckin stepbrother’s stiffie. Her deep throat adventure gets her as hot as it gets Kyle, leaving her stroking her clit as she keeps Hoovering Kyle’s hardon. she does not stop until he has filled her mouth with jizz that dribbles down her face as she laps it up like a contented cat.A few days later, Zoe takes a shower as Kyle watches and secretly masturbates. She offers to fuck him one
last time. They kick their coupling off with another blowjob that Zoe
delivers with a big smile. Then Kyle gets his slutty stepsister up on a table
and slams into her bare fuck hole. They take their acrobatic sex into the shower, where Zoey bends over to get her pussy pounded from behind. the moment she has had her fill of cumming, she gets on her knees so that Kyle
can give her the facial she craves.
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