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Maya Kendrick hops in the shower, but not before giving her brother T. Stone
permission to use her tablet. What she does not realize is that T. can see her silhouette in the shower. Faced with such an enticing visual, T. can’t help
but whip out his fuckin dick and start masturbating. Maya finds him just in time to offer her towel to keep him from getting cum on her bed.Later that day, T. returns to Maya’s room and lets her know that he wants to take things further. Maya agrees, and soon T. is delivering a landing strip pussy
fingering. She lifts her shirt to squeeze her tits as T. keeps working her twat, and her moans only grow louder as her fuckin stepbrother replaces his fingers with his hardon to fuck her.When Maya turns over and rises on her hands and knees, T. gives her another finger bang before taking her doggy
style. He enjoys watching her ass jiggle from this position, but it’s even
hotter when Maya climbs onto his hardon to ride him. That position really
does it for Maya as she cums so hard she gushes her ecstasy by squirting
everywhere. Moments later, she begs to suck T.’s cock until he explodes in her mouth to give her the cum that she craves.
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