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Dava Fox and her stepson Tyler Nixon are chilling in the living room when Tyler’s stepsister Emma Hix comes in and demands the remote. They argue while Dava tries to ignore them, but when Emma calls on her mom to intervene Dava tells Tyler that Emma is a princess and he is lucky she even speaks to him. Tyler
storms out of the room. Emma enjoys the tv, but she realizes that her mom’s attitude is rubbing off on her so later she looks for Tyler to apologize.the stepsiblings reconcile and go in for a hug, but Emma feels how hard Tyler’s dick is. They may be cool now, but Tyler and his stepmom aren’t at all. Dava is pissed that Tyler hasn’t mowed the lawn He runs into Emma’s room, despite
the fact that Emma is changing, and begs her to hide him. he is under the covers a moment later when Dava comes in looking for Tyler. Slipping beneath
the covers, Emma claims she is going to take a nap while trying to hold her composure as Tyler slips his cock into her tight twat.When Dava leaves, Tyler
offers to stop fucking Emma but she thinks he feels too good inside of her! She rolls onto her back so he can have a better angle of penetration, then
gets to her hands and knees so they can go at it doggy style. By the time Emma hops onto Tyler’s dick and starts riding him, she is got to do her best
to hold the moan lest she let her mom know what’s happening. Tyler is a good
lay, making sure Emma enjoys multiple orgasms before he lets her stroke him
off into her open mouth. They’re just enjoying the afterglow of their newfound
arrangement when Dava returns and catches them in the act.
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