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D. carves a hole in a pumpkin for Halloween while his mother cleans the kitchen. He leaves the guts in the pumpkin and puts his fuckin dick in it
before offering it to his slutty stepsister Aubrey Sinclair. Alex’s stunt
gets them both grounded. Alex convinces Aubrey that they can get each other off and have some fun while they’re grounded by stroking her twat through her shorts.Once Alex has gotten Aubrey too horny to stop, he peels off her panties and drops to his knees so he can finger and lick her hairy fuckin snatch. Then Aubrey relieves them both of their clothes so she can stroke his fuckin dick to total hardness then slide down on top of him. Once she is totally full of Alex’s stiffie she rides him with long strokes of her hips and tries to contain her moans when he rolls her onto her back to get a better angle to bang her greedy fuck hole.The two have to be careful to dodge
Alex’s mom, so when they hear her coming they quickly hide behind the couch. Aubrey is not willing to stop giving Alex a BJ or letting him pound her cock
hungry twat, so he gives his mom any excuse he can to make her leave. when she once again has Alex’s full attention, he anchors his hands on her hips and keeps stroking her juicy snatch until she can’t keep from cumming. Alex follows her over the edge, filling her pussy with a creampie of hot gooey jizz.
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