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Summer Carter Cast Erika Devine Ep2 – Sticky Porn-Fuckin :Hot babes fuckin and suckin

when super sweet Erika Devine comes onto the scene to be interviewed by Summer
Carter, we just know that we’re in for a treat! Erika and Summer hit it off
instantly, forming a chemistry that puts Erika totally at ease and makes it
simple for her to strip alongside Summer as the girls race to show off their stunning bodies. Soon Erika is enjoying a luxurious pussy licking as Summer
warms her interviewee’s bald fuckin pussy up. When Erika proves that she is totally into returning the favor, she is surprised when her man comes up from behind and puts her in the middle of a pussy eating party! Since Erika’s juicy twat is already so nicely placed, he takes advantage and slides into her doggy style.It’s pretty obvious that Erika is going to be a star as she continues to show off her sexual aptitude! This cum hungry blonde is not afraid to bury
her face deep in Summer’s needy snatch as she takes a hard fuckfest between
her own legs, and she’ll try any position her man wants!Finally Erika finds herself on her hands and knees taking a ball slapping pussy fuckin pounding
while Summer waits beneath her. Erika’s man can’t hold back any longer and he
loses his fuckin load deep in her tight fuck hole. As the cum drips out of Erika’s twat, Summer waits below for her treat which she then gets up to snowball with Erika in a final act of sensuality.
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