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Sydney Cole :Hot babes fuckin and suckin

Cole just inherited a “giant” piano from her grandma. Sydney has no use for it. She does not play piano, nor does she want to learn…so it’s sold. Since it’s giant, that means it’s a pain in the ass to move, so she is been calling piano movers to get quotes. The minute this duo rang her doorbell to check out the piano, Sydney’s panties have been dripping wet. Literally. There’s other giant things, besides pianos, that Sydney loves, and she is sure, sitting on her couch flirting with the movers, that they’ve got giant things in their pants. Sure enough! Once on her knees, Sydney’s tiny
mouth is stuffed full of BBC! She takes turns giving each man a “blowie”, before peeling off her soaked panties in order for them
to stretch Sydney’s tight snatch to its breaking point! Look at the way these
two men have their way with the petite Sydney! Her orgasms shake tiny Sydney
to the bone! And talk about a hose down! The mens’ balls are full, resulting
in a jizz storm Sydney’s never experienced! and the piano? Well…it’ll get
moved after they’ve had another fuck session!
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