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Ms Faris has to share a bathroom with her fuckin stepbrother Jason, so she makes the most of it by not giving a damn. She pees in front of Jason when he is already in the bathroom, then gets naked and climbs into the shower. Rather than being embarrassed, she teases her fuckin stepbrother for getting hard and clearly wanting to fuck his slutty stepsister. Jason denies it, but Ms Faris sets out to prove to him that she is right.Lying in bed with Jason
wearing just her bra and panties, Ms Faris points out Jason’s renewed hardon. This smokin’ hot coed does not care that Jason’s her fuckin stepbrother; he
has a fine looking cock and she wants to suck it. She gives him the blowjob
she is been craving, then gets on her knees to wiggle her hips as she slips her underwear off. Nude from the waist down, she climbs onto Jason’s fuck stick to give him a horny ride in her bald fuck hole. When she turns around and keeps her hips pumping, her bouncing booty is easy for Jason to grab and squeeze.Getting on her hands and knees so her heart-shaped ass is Jason’s to take, Ms Faris moans in delight as her twat is once again filled with cock. Jason’s big fuckin dick between her thighs is one thing, but when Jason
presses his thumb into her anus for some secondary penetration Ms Faris just
can’t get enough! She rolls onto her back as her body pulses, letting Jason
bring her off to one last climax before he gluts his slutty stepsister with a creampie. Satisfied that she was correct in her assumption that her fuckin stepbrother wanted to fuck her, Ms Faris luxuriates in the afterglow of a good fuck.
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