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Steele is preparing for his mission with his friend Sean Kays. Codey’s stepsister Ms Faris and her friend Whitney Wright watch from the bathroom
door, flaunting their bodies. They tease him, then pull Codey’s shorts down to ogle his fuckin dick. When Ms Faris whips her tits out to tease her fuckin stepbrother, he declares that if they wish to act like sluts he’ll treat them
like sluts. He tells them to get up and pull their pants down, which makes it
easy for him to slide Ms Faris’s panties aside to flinger bang her juicy snatch. Whitney is not wearing panties, which makes it easy for him to sink his fingers into that pussy.Despite Sean’s protests, Codey is now determined to teach his slutty stepsister and her friend a lesson. He starts with Ms Faris,
pulling his pants down and proving that he is a grower not a shower. He sinks his fuckin dick into her greedy fuckin twat, banging her on the couch as Whitney masturbates beside her and encourages Codey to fuck the evil out of Ms Faris. Whitney can’t wait to be taught a lesson by Cody’s stiffie so she does not have to go fuck someone else, and soon she is moaning as he rocks his fuckin dick inside her fuck hole.Taking advantage of Whitney’s available
mouth, Ms Faris climbs onto the back of the couch to position her pussy for Whitney to lick. When Ms Faris eventually slides lower so Cody can bang her from behind, Whitney hangs on to her friend’s thighs to hold her steady. the show is hot as hell, and even devout Sean can’t keep his hands out of his pants. Whitney gets on her hands and knees for her second lesson of the day
while burying her cries of delight between Ms Faris’s thighs. Still not convinced the girls have been humbled, Codey gets them on their knees before
him so they can suck him off with a shared deep throat BJ that only ends he
gives them each a facial of jizz.
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