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Justin Hunt has always had the hots for his slutty stepsister Pepper Hart. Who could
blame him when the super skinny redhead is sizzling hot? When Justin gets the chance to watch and record Pepper slip her bra and thong aside to masturbate
until she cums, he takes it. Pepper chases him off, but Justin knows he’ll
have to spy on her again.He gets his chance when Pepper’s friend Lexi Lore
comes over for a sleepover. The perky blonde is into Justin’s advances, so
when he wheedles his way into watching the movie with the girls Justin gets a hands-on exploration of Lexi’s tight ass. He whips out his fuckin dick and climbs on top of Lexi to start fucking her. They get away with it for a while, but eventually Pepper notices.Lexi calms her friend down with a long
kiss that gradually seduces Pepper into joining in. Getting Pepper to lay
down, Lexi buries her face in her girlfriend’s landing strip twat while
Justin fucks Lexi’s bald snatch until she is trembling. When Justin finally
gets the chance to bang his stespsister while Pepper’s mouth is busy fondling
Lexi’s twat, he can’t believe his luck! It gets even better when the girls work together to stroke him off into an orgasm that gives both girls a facial
they can share.
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