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Parker is really into her fuckin stepbrother Codey Steele, but she is so
inexperienced that she does not know how to seduce him. She starts by trying
out makeup tutorials in her bedroom. Codey finds her mid-tutorial, wearing
horrifying makeup. He mocks her, which both hurts Zoe’s feelings and doubles her determination to seduce him. Later, Zoe seeks out Codey in a hot dress and proper makeup. he is blown away by how hot his slutty stepsis is, but he
does try to resist her advances. Zoe won’t take no for answer, especially
once she realizes that Codey has a hardon for her! She pulls out his stiffie,
lifts her shirt so he can admire her breasts, and then leans in to start
blowing his fuckin dick. Her deep throat BJ leaves Codey helpless to do
anything but let her slide down on top of him for a stiffie ride.Now that she is finally got the D that she craves, Zoe lives out her dreams! She rides Codey’s fuck stick forwards and backwards so he can admire every inch of her fair-skinned body. Once Zoe is certain that Codey is committed to seeing it
through, she rolls onto her back and spreads her fuckin legs so he can pound that greedy snatch into orgasmic bliss. Moments later, Codey pulls out just in time to cum all over his slutty stepsister’s belly.
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