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LexI Lore and her friend Vienna Black are determined to win the Memorial Day body
paint competition. Lexi’s steprbrother, Codey Steele, is digging the part
where his hot sister and her hot friend are nearly naked as they paint each
other. He pervs on them for a bit, then confronts them to ask what they’re
doing. Codey teases the girls by acting like he is going to smudge the paint,
freaking Lexi out. Lexi is super grossed out, but Vienna is kind of into Codey. He sees an opportunity, so he offers to leave if the girls give him a handie.Vienna offers to take one for the team, so she whips Codey’s fuck stick out and starts stroking him off. Codey and Vienna taunt Lexi until she touches it, too. Vienna is digging Codey and his big fuckin dick, so she starts sucking him off. Although she tries to get Lexi to join her, the blonde is too grossed out. That does not stop Vienna from hopping on the bed
and letting Codey slam into her greedy fuckin twat as she holds her thong to the side. Lexi eventually sees how much fun her friend is having fucking her fuckin stepbro, so she decides to take a ride on Codey’s dick too. She gets a doggy style pussy fuckin pounding then helps Vienna settle into a booty
bouncing reverse cowgirl position. Lexi takes one more turn watching Codey
pound away at her tight bald twat before the girls work together to blow him
until he blows his fuckin load with a facial of cum. The facial pleases Vienna, but Lexi is ticked that he has ruined her body paint.
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