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Kendra Spade :Hot babes fuckin and suckin

Kendra Spade loves to worship the sun. Just look at her! Laying out in her backyard
in that “slingshot” bikini that really does not cover much at all. Look at her thick bush poking out of her bottoms! and the top? It barely
covers her nips!! In fact, if she moves her arms much, her perk titties will
pop right out! Laying in the sun like this makes Kendra’s pussy wet…so why
not play a little? Which is when super-stud Prince Yashua shows up poolside. Prince loves an oiled-up anal slut, which describes Kendra perfectly, so
after he is done making her beautiful body shine and getting a poolside BJ,
Prince takes Kendra to her room to lay some serious pipe down. All three of Kendra’s lovely holes are available today, and Prince will take any hole he
wants in any order he wants, which means he can be stretching Kendra’s puckered asshole open one second, then turn his girthy member right up her sweet pussy! “Please cum all over my face and then let me take your dick
and rub it all over!” Kendra begs! Who’s going to turn down a good
little slut like Kendra Spade?!
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